3D printing is not a fading industry but, in fact, the complete opposite. In 20-30 years from now, 3D printer companies will be the backbone of our society. 3D printers will be operating complex medical, industrial and everyday procedures for the common person. Building for the global marketplace on-demand and the elimination for warehouses. 3D Printers will be the first to land and explore new worlds beyond our reach. Building science packages and eventually connecting digital presences for our children to explore the cosmos from home...Imagine a world with no shipping and where the deliveries are printed literary at your doorstep. Global 3D Systems a 3D Printing Company will be guiding this boundless future to reality. Buy 3D printers and enjoy the 3D revolution! G3Dit



High Speed

3D Printer



Custom Designed

UV Light Engine

The future is 3D

Global 3D systems Inc. (G3D) introduces its new and innovative UV 3D Printer- the T-1000

Innovative and cutting edge 3D printing system that addresses the wider needs of home printers, and marks the major step in G3D’s commitment to bring disruptive manufacturing solutions to the market!

Design lovers

The T-1000 industrial metal enclosure is completely customized for 3D printing. It is tough and rugged to handle printing constantly.

Global 3D Systems focuses on offering to the market a 3D printer which offers a combination of speed, quality, reliability, and value as never been seen in the industry.

Unique experience

We are committed to offering the best in the 3D industry and the T-1000 is our entry level 3D printer with quality and speed.

We will continue to innovate future products that will offer more features and functionality through the advancement in technology, which will continue to lower G3D product’s price curve. (Moore’s law)

Stay connected with app

A 3D printer that does not require a tether to a laptop. Printing and monitoring can all be done wireless via any browser enabled device.
  • On-board computer with WiFi and Ethernet
  • Web based user interface
  • Self leveling system for quick setup

Ready when you are...

The world is changing all around us. To continue to thrive as a business over the next ten years and beyond, we must look ahead. We must understand the trends and forces that will shape our business in the future and move swiftly to prepare for what's to come next. "Join The 3D Revolution Now!"


DLP/SLA Technology

Custom UV Light Engine

2.6+ Inches/Hour Speed

120 µm to 7.5 µm Quality

110-220V~ 50/60Hz

What’s in the box?

T-1000 3D Printer

1 Liter of Resin

1 Vat and Build plate

Accessory Kit

T-1000 3D Printer

Large build volume,  high speed 3D printer at the best value available.