Professional Grade High Quality, Affordable Desktop 3D Printers

The T-2000

A Massive Build Volume, Lightning Speed LCD 4K 3D Printer


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Introducing the G3D T-1000 SLA/DLP 3D Printer

T-1000 3D Printers come complete with a self-leveling system for resin based printing. It combines a massive build area and an SLA/DLP system with accuracy and precision with every 3D printed part. The minimum layer resolution is just 7.5 microns while the maximum is still only 120 microns. The T-1000 has a custom UV LED light engine that allows 3D printing of entire layers instantaneously. Innovative and cutting edge DLP 3D printing system that addresses the wider needs of home 3D printers and affordable professional solutions.


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Simple Printer Control System

A 3D printer that most importantly does not require a tether to a laptop. Printing and monitoring can all be done wireless via any browser enabled device.

  • On-board computer with WiFi and Ethernet
  • Gives off its own WiFi for offline use
  • Web based user interface
  • Self leveling system for quick setup
  • Layout 3D parts on your computer, slice and send to your printer
  • NEW Auto Supports with Meshmixer

T-1000 3d printer drawing

What's in the Box?

Everything you need to start 3D printing!

T-1000 3D Printer

Polycarbonate VAT

Durastone Build-Plate

Clear Resin - 1 L

Print Removal Tools



DLP/SLA Technology

Custom DLP UV Printer Projector

Adjustable Projector XY

2.6+ Inches/Hour Speed

120 µm to 7.5 µm Quality

Self-Leveling System