3D Art: Beauty in the Eye of the Future

Gutenberg’s printing press helped spread knowledge throughout the world. But it also paved the way to mass-produce beautiful books. Technology often has aesthetic side-effects. The 3D printing technology is no exception. It is creating an art industry. Beautiful objects are being produced every day. Some of these beautiful objects are for utilitarian purposes, others are created simply as artistic expressions.

Creation of An Artistic Medium

Artists have always experimented with new materials. Whether it is metal, clay, stone, wood or plastic, they have taken risks to portray their visions in unique ways. The new 3D printing technology has opened up new avenues to take these visions to new materials. Creators can blend traditional and digital techniques together to create shapes and objects that were not possible before.

Artist Marco Mahler has collected a list of 3D printing innovators who are leading the way in this aesthetic revolution. Marco Mahler himself collaborates with Henry Segerman (a mathematics and statistics research fellow) to create mobile structures. A featured artist on Marco’s list is Joshua Harker. Joshua creates complex sculptures of head skeletons, insects, and human forms. His work is beautiful and haunting. The 3D printed sculptures are memorable in their style and distinctiveness. Some artists have broken new boundaries with these new technologies. Artist Gilles Azzaro received a lot of attention for producing a 3D sculpture of President Obama’s voice print from February 2013 State of the Union Address. His 3d art piece represents sound frozen in time.

Fashion Aesthetics in 3D

The fashion industry has also embraced the aesthetics of 3D printing technology. The company threeASFOUR has experimented with 3D printed geometric shapes. Their medieval armor like clothing has attracted attention from all corners of the world. But threeASFour is not alone. Manus x Machina, the Met Costume Institute’s 2016 exhibition, showcased a large array of 3D printed clothing from different fashion designers.

In the fashion industry, machine-made clothing is generally considered low-quality due to lack of customization options. But 3D printing has introduced the possibility of creating uniquely tailored products. It can open up a new era of machine-made high fashion.

Also, the accessories business has seen some commercial benefits from embracing 3D technology. Shapeways provides personalized 3D printed jewelry and decoration pieces. You can make your own product or buy from other designers.

Beautifying Industrial Design

Industrial design is getting a boost from the 3D printers. The company MX3D has produced artistic bridges, dragon benches, and butterfly screen installations made out of metal. On the other hand, Divergent3d’s Blade is the world’s first 3D printed supercar. The beautifully crafted carbon fiber chassis of this car make it look like it arrived from the future.


3D printers are contributing to the artistic evolution. As human beings, we are attracted to beautiful things and objects. Also, we like to create objects of beauty. The 3D printing technologies are bringing our two urges together. Whether it is for pure art, fashion or design, we are seeing the changes that are possible due to this technology. If you are an artist at heart and you never got a chance to learn how to curve on stone or make magic out of clay, 3D printing may provide you the opportunity to express yourself.


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