G3D introduces the T-1000 3D printer

The day has come G3D and the T-1000 are introduced to the world, High Quality Resin 3D printer and Best Value! Designed for the home user, but with quality to produce prints for dental and jewelry. 7.5 micron accuracy on z layers, with adjustable xy settings. It combines a massive build area and an SLA/DLP system with accuracy and precision with every print. The minimum layer resolution is just 7.5 microns while the maximum is 120 microns with a total of 440 cubic inches of build volume. The T-1000 has a custom UV LED light engine, allowing continuous printing until the object is complete. The VAT is made from a single mold for extreme durability with easy-clean spout. Highly reliable, the T-1000 is perfect for anything from prototypes to jewelry and it prints at a rate of 2.6 inches vertically per hour at 120um. The printer works with G3D UV resin and is an open system for those who want to experiment.


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