The 3D Revolution

Where printing has been around for almost centuries, dating back to the BC era, there have been some tremendous changes in the work as opposed to how it used to be. Before, the Chinese and Egyptians made use of cylinder seals and stamps to transfer images and now, although the underlying technique is the same, a lot of modifications have been made.

Dawn of a New Age

Printing in the 21st century has entered a new realm of scientific evolution, bringing about the concept of commercial 3D printing. This ingenious idea has magnified the scope of the already expansive domain of digital print media. Relatively new, it has and hopes to bring massive changes in a variety of disciplines and is already breaking ground by bringing advancements in the fields of Computer Science and Medicine.

Sky’s the Limit

Some elucidation into what these printers are capable of can be found in the field of medicine where researchers can now bio-print drugs, blood vessels, bones and even organs. In the orthodontic sector, dental equipment can be rapidly produced with remarkably accurate results. Ideas can be materialized by bringing to life architectural models and the textile industry is now introducing custom-made clothing to suit every need of the customer. There has also been news about food printing.

Inner Workings

The principle of 3D printing is relatively simple; specially devised ink is fed into the machine and by following the instructions fed by the computer, a digital design is brought into corporeal existence, layer by layer. From something as intricate as the human heart to as simple as miniature toys, 3D Printers can very easily be used by the layman. Designs are available over the web, thereby dismissing the need for prior knowledge about the modeling craft.

The T-1000

Global 3D System, G3D for short, in their upcoming product launch on Indiegogo scheduled for the 26th of March 2017, hope to bring about a revolution. Presenting their distinctive UV Printers, they offer the highest quality imaginable at the best value there is to offer. Their twitter feed provides the latest updates and insights into the manufacturing of their new line of T-1000 3D printers. Modeled specifically to cater to the needs of the home users, this latest model works on the process of pairing UV resin and a custom UV light engine/projector to bring about the fastest 3D prints. These specialized resins can be found at the G3D website.

There’s something for everyone

With the press of a button and some minor time setting inputs, one can operate and print everything that one envisions. It holds to be especially useful for people who are not disinclined to merge technology with their small scale businesses, either those of the medical variety or even jewelry items. All one needs to have is the passion for invention and innovation.

A New Generation

In this ever-burgeoning race for modernity and uniqueness, 3D printing is just carving its niche. G3D brings the possibility of allowing everyone to partake in this revolution and to breathe creativity in every walk of life.

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