Global 3D Systems, Inc. Launches Its Innovative T-1000 UV 3D Printer

Highest Quality 3D Printers at the Best Value

Global 3D Systems Inc.; a  company in the 3D printing industry, is excited to announce the launch of the T-1000 an innovative and cutting edge 3D printing system that addresses the wider needs of home printers, and marks the major step in its commitment to bring disruptive manufacturing solutions to the market. The T-1000 3D printer is designed for the home users, but with quality to produce prints for dental and jewelry.

G3D was founded by Edward W. Machala, former chief operating officer and treasurer of American Power Conversion (APC). In his time at APC, Mr. Machala took the electronics manufacturer’s revenue from $15 million to approximately $4 billion per year. Such a significant increase led to the company’s recognition as one of the fastest-growing companies on NASDAQ.

Global 3D Systems Inc. is a manufacturing company established with the primary aim of production and delivery of the highest quality 3D printers at the best value, G3D will bring legendary reliability to the global market place. Global 3D Systems focuses on offering to the market a 3d printer which offers a combination of speed, quality, reliability, and value as never been seen in the industry.

In the bid to achieve this laudable primary aim, Global 3D Systems gathered the most talented engineers and tech veterans coupled with the acquisition of the state- of-the-art technology in the engineering and manufacturing industry. The perfect blend of professional expertise and advanced technology have equipped the team of engineers at Global 3D Systems with the capability to produce and deliver to its customers the most fascinating, high quality, durable and user-friendly 3D printing system that will lead to their satisfaction.

We are committed to offering the best in the 3D industry and the T-1000 is our entry level 3D printer with high quality and speed that anyone from a dentist to a fabricator would swear by. Our printer will work on Mac, PC or any browser based device, because of our on-board computer. Everything can be done right at the unit including integration into a web based portal as well as Apple and Android that will communicate with the T-1000 with ease.



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