Meshmixer (9/1/2018)

We have released a tutorial as a guide for using auto-supports in Meshmixer. This will include the process of exporting the part and slicing the parts in the G3D. Autodesks Meshmixer is a valuable tool for 3D printing, not only for supports but analysis of 3D printable models.

Cleaning Kit (8/25/2018)

Cleaning kits are now available on our site for those with limited space and need an all in one print cleaning station.

Cleaning Kit

NEW VAT (6/25/2018)

New poly-carbonate single piece VAT

Our new VAT is now available for purchase. This vat is extremely strong and will not damage over long term usage.  The new VAT ship with all new orders, effective immediately.

New T-1000 VAT

G3D Update (8/17/2017)

3D Software

Note: There is an update for the web user interface. Included in this is the option to command the printer build plate to move up manually. For customers still seeing the update available in web ui this will also correct that issue.

We are redesigning our layout and slicing software from the ground up, to create a more simplified user experience based off customer feedback we have received. This will include many new features that will greatly improve your prints.

  • Auto support detection
  • More support options and styles
  • Smoothing for slicing to improve high resolution prints
  • Advanced options for layouts

We would love to get any feedback from customers on future features they would like implemented. Please email us any suggestions at


The vat is undergoing a molding to create a one-piece vat (injected molded). This will make the vat much stronger. The vat will be made of Polycarbonate Lexan instead of Acrylic. The new vat will include an easy pour spout in corner and recessed guide holes for vat locked down screws.  All current customers will be given this new vat free of charge when they become available in late September.